MEG Founder Biography:

Migrant Empowerment Group also known as “MEG” was founded by Alvine Dongmo-Noumey, an inspirational, charismatic, motivational and hardworking woman, with a vision for empowering and transforming the lives and status of disadvantaged people in the UK and throughout the world. Her skills, knowledge and experience in working with the voluntary sector in the UK forever 11 years. She had further her education. 2013-2016 Wolverhampton University BSC (Hons) Health Studies. 2016-2017 Graduated from the Birmingham School for Social Entrepreneurs. 2017-2018 Migrant’s Leader in the community. She also has 30 years experience on sewing training. In 2016 Health champions for the Community. Alvine Dongmo-Noumey, based on her massive experience and passion in the field. She has been appointed as the Executive Director of MEG. She has taken several training since the beginning of her commitment for this cause such as, international and national seminars, conferences, forums, etc. in UK and her country of origin (Cameroon) and since a few years now she is the Founder and Chair of a Registered Charity in Cameroon known as “Alzec Foundation Cameroon”. But please note that her personal involvement in helping orphan’s kids and vulnerable women in a rural part of Cameroon known as “Dschang” has nothing to do with MEG whose works is designed for migrants in the UK. 2016 – Health champions for the Community. 2016 – Leader representative invited at the House Common by the National Federation of ALMOs Portrait Exhibition – Ordinary people Extraordinary lives. 2014-2017 Four (4) times winner of the Wolverhampton Homes Recognition Event. 2014-2018 Five (5) times an International Fair Ambassador for the University of Wolverhampton – Variety of traditional food and drink (images and national dress all indigenous to their country). 2018 – She has acquired an OCN Level 3 on Understanding HIV and Sexual Health for Volunteers provided by Terrence Higgings Trust. She is a founder of Miss Humanity Cameroon 2019