Migrant Empowerment Group

We provide a range of charitable services, social activities and programs in the community in order to Champion and deliver it’s services.

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Our Mission

To bring diverse people in the communities together, enhance their ability to rebuild their lives, promote Arts, Culture and Heritage, help with their integration into the UK and the International Level. We aim to actively encourage people who are going through domestic or sexual abuse to be reliant through empowering them to identify their own needs, make their own choices, create their own solutions and social prescribing to support vulnerable people.

What We Do

MEG Wolverhampton Office Address: 49 Okement Drive, Wednesfield, WV11 1XA.

MEG Walsall Office Address: 21 Old Square, Shopping Centre, WS1 1QA.


Sewing and Health

Sewing and Knitting classes.
Empowering and educational program.
The sewing and knitting classes have been very popular with our clients, and very successful in promoting well-being and community cohesion.

ESOL And Maths Classes

One of the biggest problems of being a migrant or refugee in another country is the language barrier.
The aim of the ESOL Project is to integrate migrants & refugees with the local community by helping them improve their communication skills.

Computer Classes

If you would like to gain basic computer skills, for example how to setup an Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet Research and Online Learning and Earning skills and more.

Dance and Music Movement Therapy

Our Dance and Movement Therapy classes.

About Us

Migrant Empowerment Group (MEG) is a registered charity set in July 2013 under Registration Number 1183705. MEG under its main proposal titled “The prevention or relief of poverty among the UK’s population especially for Refugees and Asylum Seekers for their Social Integration within their Communities in the UK and International Level” which is the main extension of its service to adequately address the awareness on migrant’s issues and helping those from marginal groups such as Asylum Seekers and Refugees for their integration within their local communities and in the UK’s society.

MEG provides a range of charitable services, social activities programs in the community, promote Arts Culture and Heritage in order to Champion and deliver it’s services.

Special Events

Miss Humanity Cameroon

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Humanitarian project to support vulnerable people Cameroon/Africa

This project in Dschang/West Cameroon is in support of vulnerable people through out the regions of Cameroon that is Douala, Yaounde, Buea, Bamenda, Dschang, who are going through difficult and hard economic conditions in their life.