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About the Founder of Migrant Empowerment Group

About the Founder of Migrant Empowerment Group

Biography of the Founder & Chair,
The organisation was founded by Alvine Dongmo-Noumey, a inspirational, motivational and hardworking women, with a vision for empowering and transforming the lives and status of disadvantaged people in the UK and Overseas.
Alvine from a black and ethnic minority background and has encountered and experienced some of the challenges faced by most of the people, passion and desire; coupled with the practical experience and the education to lead the organisation. She also represents a confident, successful and inspired role model for the women and community MEG UK strives to serve; and is currently working on assembling a powerful and talented board of directors which will directly reflect the organisation’s aspirations and serve as role models for people in the community. She attended her primary and secondary school. Come to UK in 2007, Based on her own experience and voluntary work with a charity based in Cardiff, Wolverhampton in the UK which was specialising on empowering women, Refugees, Migrants in promoting and inspiring them to increase their self-empowerment, self-help and self-believe. In 2013, she sets her own voluntary organisation Migrant Empowerment Group. The vision of her work is aiming to bring communities together and those from marginal and disadvantage groups such as Asylum Seekers, Refugees, Migrants and homeless within the UK by facilitating their integration and insertion within the UK’s society.
Some people described her as a woman with a high self-confidence and an inspiring role model for other women and the black minority community within the UK. As a result of this, she was invited by the Former Prime Minister, David Cameron in 10 Downing Street, at Westminster in London, in March 2016 for the Easter Celebration in which government’s officials met with inspiring leaders to discuss social issues that the UK society faces in any field. She was also invited in the Parliament in October 2016 to talk about her life journey because she was awarded from National Federation of ALMOs for the Best Portrait- Photography Award.
Alvine also has several years of experience in leadership in Cameroon. She founded Alzec Foundation in Cameroon/Africa to support people in needs, create employment, helping people to start up micro-businesses and providing grants.

2007-2012 Achieved in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (Math) and Level 3 Diploma in Access to Higher Education.
2013-2016 Wolverhampton University BSC (Hons) Health Studies
2016-2017 Birmingham School for Social Entrepreneurship.
2017-2018 Migrant Leader in the community
2018-2019 Project Manager

Key Achievements:
Health Promoter Officer.
Health Champion for Communities.
Public Speaker.