Welcome to Migrant Empowerment Group

We provide a range of charitable services, social activities and programs in the community in order to Champion and deliver it’s services.


MEG provides services, develops programs, empowers and advocates migrant and local people in need. Our services are free, regardless of race, culture or religion who is facing similar barriers or problems. We help them discover their inner strength and confidence through information, assistance and support. Our desire is that everyone be empowered to enjoy stability and fulfillment in every area of their life.

We inspire, encourage and motivate migrant and local people to overcome barriers and reach their full and true potential. Furthermore, in all we do we seek to prevent exclusion by bringing people in the communities together to build bridges, understanding and respect between them.

According to our research on the ground, most or some of those migrants suffer from social exclusion, isolation. Some are totally isolated without any social support because of the lack of self-help from charities lead by group as MEG which takes into account all these aspects. As front-lines (people who had been through the same experience) we can understand their feelings and needs. MEG charitable work is mainly focused on helping and supporting LTIM such as refugees and Asylum seekers including other vulnerable migrants because are disadvantaged within our society and some are affected by a huge stigma linked to their integration within the UK’s society. MEG approaches them within their communities such as at their home, college, etc. Please contact MEG if you want to volunteer with us or to work in partnership with us.



Our Story

How We Got Started

Migrant Empowerment Group (MEG) is a registered charity set in July 2013 in the West Midlands (Wolverhampton) Registered Charity Number 1183705. MEG under its main proposal titled “The prevention or relief of poverty among the UK’s population especially for Refugees and Asylum Seekers for their Social Integration within their Communities in the West Midland and in the UK” which is the main extension of its service to adequately address the awareness on migrant’s issues and helping those from marginal groups such as Asylum Seekers and Refugees for their integration within their local communities and world at large.

MEG provide a friendly and relaxed environment, which enables people to discuss concerns and share about health, parenting and adjusting to life in the UK. MEG provide migrant from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to meet new people, make friends, practice conversational English and other languages.

Where We Are Now

Since 2013 Migrant Empowerment Group (MEG) has identified several social issues and challenges that those marginal groups face in the daily basis while for some waiting for decisions on their Asylum cases and for others such as refugees struggling to find the right assistance and support needed for their integration within their local communities and in the UK’s society. MEG has been hosting and taking part to several social events on the awareness of this particular cause and through public events such as: conferences, seminars, etc. with the main aims of bringing together those marginal migrants for experience exchanges among people face or who went through the same experience. Those consultations and via such public events on the awareness had led MEG to identified both the causes of their marginalisation as well as to get the facts on solutions and through this main project and as titled above.


What We Offer

Our Services

ESOL classes provided once a week within a community Centre at Moathouse Lane East and French sessions course.

Weekly drop in session where refreshment and a free tea and coffee are offered when funds or donations allowed us.

Training on sewing and knitting are provided for free and this include experience exchanges.

Recycling (Clothes, shoes, bags, furnitures, etc.). All proceeds go towards MEG charitable work. Free redistribution are also regularly given for free of charge to disadvantages migrants.

Other creative activities such as: inspiring talks on information sharing on health promotion, Art and Craft, Job search, Self-employment, Healthy living, Cooking, Exercises, allotment, building self-confidence, engaging in the community, promote equality and diversity, reduce discrimination and foster understanding between minority groups. Food bank, Etc.


We assist migrant in finding and accessing available community services. We provide orientation services to newcomers in the UK.

We provide free and Confidential Advice services.

We offer individual, relationship or couple counselling sessions. Providing emotional support and counselling to families that are dealing with crisis especially domestic violence and harmful traditional practices.

BEFRIENDING PROJECT- Offers home visits by providing practical one to one support to help women address their concerns, issues pertaining to isolation and loneliness, domestic violence, immigration, bereavement, serious illness, break down in family relationships, depression, alcohol abuse, parenting support and any other crisis or challenging situation.

We offer Parenting Group Sessions with opportunities to improve parent-child relationships and to build up children’s self- esteem and resilience. We also offer individualised parenting support for parents going through child protection or safeguarding issues.

WOMAN and men CHAT GROUP from diverse backgrounds and cultures giving them the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and practice conversational English.

COOKERY SESSIONS- These sessions enable the women to practice their cookery skills, promote the impact that healthy eating can have on improving the quality of people’s lives and help enhance their confidence skills.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Facilitating Health Forums, Training, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Health Promotion and Information Services On Issues Affecting Women and men. Exercise Sessions

EVENTS -Social, cultural and recreational activities to overcome social isolation, provide informal emotional support and raise awareness issues